Who is American Home Studio?

Take a look at all the cool things we did in 2018, what we have planned for 2019! 

Billie Eilish "Bury A Friend" Cover

Matt and Clara create a string cover of Bury A Friend by Billie Eilish.

Parks and Rec Theme

I've been binging on Parks and Rec and can't get the theme out of my head... So, I recorded it! 

The Circle of Fifths

Do you know all 12 of your major key signatures? If not, try watching this video explaining the circle of 5ths. 

C.L. Wynn Cello Demo

$4,000 might seem like a lot of money, but when you demand the best from your equipment this cello has everything a music student or professional musican needs. Power, great tone, good action, and projection make this new cello my top pick. Contact us today to demo this instrument! 

What is Counterpoint?

Bach was a contrapuntal master. Take a listen to a recording I made on viola and cello of his keyboard invention, BWV 775. 

Recording in NY

Watch as childhood friends Matt Rosenthal, Doug Evens, and Matt Stutzman get together to record some original music in a NY recording studio. 

Passion Pit: "Carried Away" Violin Viola and Cello Cover

I recorded all parts using 300 series Angel Taylor instruments, all available for purchase by clicking "Shop". 

The Most Rocking Strings: C.L. Wynn + Hiroshi Kono

Here are examples of three rocking string instruments: C.L. Wynn Cello, C.L. Wynn Viola, and a Hiroshi Kono Violin. All available on my website! 

Orchestral Accompaniment

I recorded the orchestral parts for Vivaldi's A minor violin concerto. Practice playing along to sharpen your skills! 

How to french press coffee

Listen to all the great sound effects, background music, and voiceover work it takes to make a video on french pressing coffee! 

Music Theory

Have you ever wondered what music theory is? How can it help you grow as a musician? Pythagoras gave us insight to the mathematical nature of music: the Diatonice Triads. 

3D Printer Imperial March

Did you know 3D printers can play music? Listen to the arrangement of the Imperial March from Star Wars.

Epic Theme Song

Maybe I've been watching too much tv, but I wanted to write an epic theme song. See how I put it all together. Free download available. 


Epic Theme Song

Well... That is what I think it sounds like

How to Restring a Guitar

Home studio tip: Record with fresh strings. Listen to the difference recording with old and new strings makes. Also, learn how to restring your guitar!

Choosing the right mic: Spooky Pop

Inside look into a budget home studio